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Home Heating Oil & Diesel

Madison Oil sells premium heating oil and premium ultra low sulfur on-road diesel. We have long standing relationships with our wholesalers to provide you with uninterrupted fuel supply. When it comes to your home and your family, you want your heating system to be safe and efficient. That is why oil heat is your best choice when it comes to reliable comfort. Oil heat is an extremely safe and economical way to heat your home.

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Surrephyre 3000

With Madison Oil's Surrephyre 3000 heating oil additive, you will enjoy uninterrupted home comfort and peace of mind. Surrephyre 3000 extends the life of your fuel filter, cleans lines and removes deposits from your entire heating system allowing it to operate at peak efficiency. This saves you money in repairs and fuel consumption. Surrephyre 3000 gradually dissolves existing sludge into tiny particles that are burned away and keeps microbial growth to a minimum. With powerful antioxidants and metal deactivators, it stabilizes your fuel and provides corrosion resistance to critical components.

Automatic Delivery

With automatic delivery you don't have to think about when you will need your next oil delivery. Our computer system tracks your delivery history and establishes a usage pattern for your home. We also use a degree day system to monitor the temperature and your consumption. This system determines when you will need your next delivery and we will automatically schedule it.

Delivery Area

By limiting our area to the towns of Madison, Clinton, Killingworth and parts of Guilford, we are able to provide prompt deliveries and service to your home.