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Why Madison Oil?

Primarily it is the combination of vast experience and reputable work ethics that make us the natural choice.

  • Expertise and technical skill are developed over time with training. Bill, our owner is a prime example. With over 30 years experience in all types of heating and cooling equipment, his training continues to this day. His commitment to be on the cutting edge of the heating and cooling industry sets the tone for the rest of the company. Our service technicians are highly trained and licensed, their knowledge and professional maintenance of your equipment results in higher efficiency and lower heating costs for our customers. We feel this is a major consideration in today's difficult economic conditions.
  • Superior grade heating oil is the only product Madison Oil delivers and will continue to deliver. There is a difference in products on the market and we feel ours is the best available. Our Surrephyre 3000 Additive increases your heating systems performance and efficiency, saving you money. It is the most environmentally friendly heating oil you can buy.
  • Customer loyalty is never easy to come by; it takes hard work, reliability, longevity and expertise. Our devotion to quality service has built valuable and long lasting partnerships with our customers. At Madison Oil, we are proud to say some of our customers have been with us for 50 years. This is no accident as we continue to work hard to gain and keep our customers respect - this is how we have built our reputation.
  • Longevity is another word for commitment and planning. Started over 60 years ago by Angela's father, Joseph Schmidt, the tradition continues unabated, and we are happy that the next generation, our son Greg, joined the business in 2008. We have built our business on friendly dependable service, the kind you can only get from a family owned and operated business.

We do hope you find these reasons important in your choice of an oil company.